Imagine keeping posts about pyramid scheme scams

So I reported a post for being an obvious pyramid scheme scam. After waiting and waiting, I see a new message, thinking “Oh, finally the post was deleted”! And I see someone (Shane) denying my report, thinking that pyramid scheme scams are completely OK to stay on this website.


Oh, you’re back again

Why are you not discussing this with him then? Is this an attempt to smear him because you didn’t like the outcome of your report?

And how do you contact them then?

Or is it like the Bloxburg ban message telling you “Contact Coeptus on Roblox…” when he literally has settings to not allow any sort of messages to be sent to him?

Shaming someone for a simple deny isn’t worth shaming them for. You might not have contact because you act like YOU. Stop being a ■■■■■ and actually try to find other ways to be productive.

Your problem was in these forums, you can literally send a message to him about the report. And what you just said was a lie, I literally just tested it. You can even reply to the received message about the report.

Tested what?

I messaged him here on this platform. There are no restrictions that you speak of unless you are talking about something else.

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Looked at the report again, all someone said was they flipped NFTs in a post where someone asked how to make money online. I don’t recall him ever suggesting to do this. He never promised them payment or asked for any type of investment. So this unfortunately is not a “pyramid scheme”. Someone simply asked for help and the user stated what they did.


You should delete this post for name shaming you TBH xddd, starfire would’ve already done it no :billed_cap:

First off, the reply was unneeded, second, I suggest contacting support. @RetNos I don’t know the email so post it here.

fine… it’s

Also i dmed them :wink:

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Oh how come this didn’t get removed for discussing moderator actions, but me simply asking why my thread got removed did.

Because the person in question got demoted

I’m referring to another thread that Starfire removed.