Immovable perk improvement

Yo again, I want to suggest an improvement for “Immovable” perk.


Immovable perk is cool and all since you don’t get any knockback, but 1 thing is still annyoing - the stun after you get hit. (1)

When you’re moving, and something hits you with that perk, you stop for around half of the second, and it’s kind of annoying.

So my suggestion is: make immovable remove not only knockback, but stun too.

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I feel like that would be overpowered :thinking:
Just my thought


Just like Celics said, it might would be too op for parkour or such since you would be kinda invincible by just going throught things without being stopped…

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Dunno what to think about it, then how about just being able to move but with 50% of full speed for 0.5 seconds?

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This might be something better to do, maybe add more advantages to that perk but not so you can kinda abuse it for parkour, spleef or such…

Maybe this ability can also be added on a new perk called like “No Stun” that would require you a high level so not everyone can use it :roll_eyes:

Just giving my opinion here, either of these can be done but for me, i think it would be too op for parkour… :thinking:

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Being a walking-unstoppable object is overpowered, imagine being barraged by 5 robe casters and you just slice them like in business days

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“You will not get stun-locked but you take +180% more damage”


That’s too much I think. My another thought - make immovable perk 190 lvl or 200 lvl, and keep just “50% slow down” cuz +180% damage seems too much. Instead of 100 damage you will get 280. If you want to increase damage, I think 50% or 2x will be better