ok we should all speak about this and forward this to the admins or the dev’s cuz i know most people are pissed
the devs should listen to what people suggest more often rather than adding some useless updates that do not succeed, and look more into the pw suggestions since we never, litterally never had any idea from there being added to the game
and we need to get more mods that replace the in active ones just to make this game better

if you’re asking “what do you think people want in the game”
as the majority of the community says just add more dungeons or just recreate more of the current ones

like how everybody complained about updating the nether for more than 3years
you cannot actually be thinking that they do not want that anymore people still want more dungeons and they have to be added/updated.

try making the event updates more exciting rather than us just having new items in boosters every year

in general just listening to the community more, cuz if you just ignore it people will just take their leave or spend their 2 cents somewhere else


Yeah, Agreed, nether needs to be buffed and there needs to be more variety imo

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Agreed. image

I agree! I have an idea though, they should add a poll inside the game where you can vote a update, kind of like Minecraft Live’s yearly mob vote.



I agree with all the points.

We obviously need more mods in forums and in game…

Also i’m disappointed how i suggested this almost an year ago on the official discord server and this still didn’t got added in the game…

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Games are important.

Or do you think people get serotonin injected into them on a daily basis?

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the old loading screen is worse imo

no its great, its 3d pixelartish, much more retro

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They REALLY SHOULD listen the community because the game may die if they don’t

¿Qué dices? Es muy irrelevante.

Please talk in english. Not everyone on the forums talk spanish.

Yo no hablo mucho español. Solo hablo un poco de español.

They do listen to the community, it’s just that when they discuss as a team, they will make the most important feature/update first before any other update (including updates not requested by the community). That’s why some of the community requested updates still haven’t come out yet, they are always being topped by other updates which are seen more imporant in the view of the Kukouri team. I could be wrong here so don’t think it’s 100% true. Sorce: Jake’s livestream (interpreted by my own words)

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