Impossible to get magic egg without IAP

i should say about this
the easter are just (few days)
and you only can play few a day
so like you only can get idk few every years
so you like need 4 years
unfair if you need IAP to buy it like the item like 8 dollar or smth even you just get 200k gems -_-
they should add like 15 bunny every jetrace
they should make the bunny mechanic 400 to 200 and gems 400k
it already enough cause spending money are the worse

We all know we can only do 8 Jetrace a day and if its about 13 days before dissapearing =
13 days x 8 days x 3 Mechanical Bunnies
= 312 Mechanical Bunnies

But please do note that these mechanical bunnies are seasonal, they will appear every Easter therefore you can get it next year, it’s a long time, but what can you do?

Except it completely is possible, and pretty reasonable as well.
You actually have 15 days worth of Jet Races during this event, assuming you didn’t do them until after the update on update day. You can get 4 of those bunnies per Jet Race, and you can run Jet Race 10 times a day (or 12 with VIP, which I won’t be counting for simplicity sake).
Assuming you do all your jet races and get all 40 you can get in a day, 400 (price of the jet)/40 = 10, meaning you could get 400 mechanical bunnies by yourself with no VIP in 10 days.
And that still leaves you with 5 days worth of Jet Races in case you miss some or whatever.
And while sure, you won’t be getting 100% every time, it’s still very possible and more than reasonable to get it. It’s not impossible.

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But kaluub the thing is people are selling the mount for 150 wls which is only 70 wls profit for 12 dollars

And you can actually lose wls by actually getting the mount seems a bit stupid because 400 k gems is 175 wls

The point isn’t how profitable it would be, it’s that it’s still possible.

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