Improvements to PVP

  • Weekly PVP tournament.
  • Different modes such as Capture the Flag, Free For All and Clan vs Clan.
  • Guns have the same effect as cannons in an area locked by a battle lock. Bullet travels continuosly until it hits a wall. This means you can have shooting battles. Blue and red team have correlating colour bullets so its easy to distinguish.
  • A PVP dedicated world where players battle. Random teammates or clan vs clan where you can choose a minimum of 2 vs 2 and maximum of 5 vs 5.
  • Highest scoring clans in 1st 2nd and 3rd place get an icon or effect beside their clan name to distinguish them.
  • Players who rank 1st 2nd and 3rd overall in wins that week get special coloured names or titles or medal icons beside their username.
  • Tournaments cost either Bytes or Gems. All the entry costs pool together and the winner wins all. This will hopefully replace P2P.

Feel free to add your own ideas of how PVP can be improved.


Take Sieggy’s world PVP and make it an official PVP.
Just kidding about the take part

One thing is for sure, the PVP system needs an update.
The best idea I have thought before, and that now you are suggesting, @Prices, is that there would be cool if there could be different game modes for it.
What I have thought previously was on, Capture the Flag and King of the Hill, both team based, as possible game modes.

This would just gonna be first week hype. We can see from GT’s pvp, they have a lot mechanic on it but the reality is not much players use the pvp. Tournament would be good but doesn’t that mean peoples will just use alt to win it? except if devs make a dynamic world for it

How about monthly or smth.

Well, I think this would be a more viable option to improve the PVP.

PVP is such a forgotten field of the game and getting some kind of updates for it would be great. Capture the Flag would probably be so much fun and who knows, maybe I’d get into PVP too!

PvP gamemodes in Growtopia work very differently though. Players don’t get rewarded for playing PvP, outside of the occasional quest that requires it. The main issue with Growtopia’s PvP is just the lack of a reason to play it.

I have seen the pvp world starting to be less visited, I can’t continue the quest to kill the Player, I think there are many that are rarely pvp world I hope to immediately update the new PVP system so played a lot