In-app purchases are cheaper in the microsoft store version (solved)

Why would someone pay more money on the steam version when they can get it for cheaper in the microsoft store version?

        Pixel Worlds on Steam                  Pixel Worlds on microsoft store

Maybe they forgot to change it?

Update: the dumbest thread award in the pixel worlds forums goes to this one! :trophy::trophy::partying_face::partying_face:

Maybe marketing strategies? Or just a mistake

The prices are in different currencies so for the most part that does make sense

It’s literally the exact same value, just different currencies.

I’m dumb…

At least according to currency exchange rates the steam version is actually cheaper, funnily enough

Edit: Wait $ became CAD nvm, it’s probably different in USD

No, the one on the right is cheaper.

When you convert it to dollars it makes less than the one on the left.

I was about to say that on steam it’s dollar and euro on microsoft store but Kaluub got here first :nerd_face:

Does not matter.

The one on the right is still less, even when converted to dollars.

Right still cheap tho