In-game Ban Appeal system

So I know that this would be kinda a bit of work, but I think that ban appeals should deserve their own appeal system ingame, separate from the regular support mail which has the issue of you never knowing if they denied the appeal or just didn’t read it yet.

Here are some quick images of how could that work:

The initial ban message. The Appeal button would initate a ban appeal, and show the screen where you can write your appeal.

Empty ban appeal with instructions and tips on the appeal.

Ban appeal with response and decision.

An user would only get 1 appeal per ban. If an appeal is denied, the player has to wait out the ban. Some bans where there is sufficient proof that you should be banned cannot be appealed from the start.

Moderators won’t have to provide extra messages. Just a decision will count as a response, though the message is optional.

I give all rights to use this idea in any way to Kukouri Mobile Entertainment.

Isn’t this like the 10 th topic you made similar to this


Haven’t you posted this idea several times before? You only need to post an idea once. Plus, as many have said before, this adds a complex step in-game and in the system. Sending an email to support is simple.

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In-game ban appeal shouldn’t be featured. I know you’re gonna say that “some” games do have a ban appeal on their own, but not every game should have one. The ban time is not permanent, 1 year at max. There’s nothing to appeal for. For 10 years ban, its because they have done something which breaks the overall rules of the game. They could contact the support if they want.


Don’t even try or attempt a scam at anyway possible, not matter how. If you banned that the consequence man.

But the current ban screen is as helpful as this one is to be honest.

Who really cares 99.9 percent of bans are right

Just like what I said, if a player gets ban for 10 years it’s because he broken the overall rules of the game.

Its not like players cares about their account getting banned when they can just evade it and create a new account.

Not when it’s a poison ban though…

poison ban? what’s that?

When they ban all of your related accounts and (probably) lock up account creation.

i see, account creation is not locked though.

Which is impossible. They could but you can still create new accounts.