Increased item stack size

It’s been done before from 200 to 999, but why stop there? We’ve seen it’s possible to go further through some oversights, and it’d be very convenient to have even more in an item stack now, like 10,000 or more items per stack

1000 potions in the inventory as a result of the "Double Potions" event

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It’d be very useful if there were an increased item stack size, though if i recall a while ago during one of the streams, i’m sure Jake didn’t make the stack size 1000+ due to the fact that anything higher than 999 would just not look right, my memory may be faint though, so it may be false…

10,000! Meh? 2.147 Billion?

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We’ve got to fit the number in the item box even still :wink:

Make the text as small as my brain.

I can imagine how small the number of dropped items

Well I know one way to do this,

Hack the game :wink:
[For legal reasons, thats a joke.]

Imagine this with thousands of soils dropped :dizzy_face:

Tbh even 999.999 possible to make
but developers think 999 enough (But its not)