Increased trading slots

Bigger, better, efficient, player to player trading system.

Also there are player to player trades require multiple transactions. However, said transactions can’t be completely trustworthy if the buyer/seller doesn’t receive their full payment.

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cough cough we also have world item trading which makes this idea redundant…

The idea is that there would be a updated, but still the same, player to player trading system that disallows such fraudulent “multi-transactions” and grants players the convenience to trade more items with less mouse clicks while receiving what they bought/sold.

Add increased trading slots
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If yes, the trading HUD would have to be updated.

The increased trading slot system would be a side-scroll system… Something like this.
window 1
item 1, item 2, item 3, item 4 >

window 2
< item 5, item 6, item 7, item 8 >

window 3
< item 9, item 10, item 11, item 12 >

so on and so forth unless, if added, admins would want to limit the max cap to around 8 slots…

or… instead of a side-scroll system

it would be a bigger, wider, and taller, HUD where all the items being traded between players are visible thus disallowing further false/fraudulent transaction considering players would be able to see all the items being traded on-screen

why do i even bother making ideas if i don’t even play this game anymore… ~sigh~

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this would be great after the world trading issues going on right now.

idk i don’t play anymore so that’s kinda new to me

yeah instead of dropping the items in world.

I mean, I’m not going to lie. Chatting with PW friends is much more fun than playing the game.

That is if I had one

For me to turn them into reality


good *?!- :b: ruh

thumbnail is ON POINT

now as I’m looking at it I want it

I am supporting this. 4 slots can be somewhat too little for some occasions even if it does not benefit the majority since only a portion of players deal with a single trade constitutes of over 4 different items. It’d be great if this expansion can be obtained from perk by raising level. Since many players are getting the cap, it might be a good idea to provide extra two or four slots (3 x 2 or 4 x 2 final new GUI) for a perk that is available on Lv. 165—the latest perk. This allows a gap so players can also level up again. If this is the type of thing that will be implemented, it’d only apply from said person offer. It means that if a person with this perk trades with a person without this perk, the person with this perk can put up to 6 or 8 different items whereas the other person may only use the default 4 different slots.

I still have my doubts about this, but it’s not a bad idea after all.
Well, I think a little extra slots won’t hurt anyone.