Indo hangout world

Ayo wassup my g’s , me and yus made world INDO to a hangout world for indonesian people, feel free to check it out

i can’t check it out cuz im not indo

u dont have the pass to enter that world , i will ban u when i see

Ppls usually go to INDONESIA but yea


watch me making it more active that that

Glad to see you make a world for another country :slight_smile:
Do you have a reason to make that specific country?

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Rights where :thinking:

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Im indonesian btw xd

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Nope , i dont have any specific reason , yus is kinda inactive and he said i have this world. i asked for rights to build world

im not the owner >.<

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buy world for my soul

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I swear I’m going to kill the owner of the world bulgaria

  1. He’s not from Bulgaria
  2. The world is nfs cuz of him
  3. The world is not a hangout world

It wouldn’t be active anyway there aren’t even many Bulgarians in game

Yeah they’re portably hackers or too underaged ( too much underaged)

I saw a 3yo bulgarian player

I can name at least 10 too underaged and 10 hackers but that would be naming and shaming

I saw a 6 year old he was so gullible I bet you he would have told me his real name and password for pw

Warning : If you understand Indonesian language, reconsider coming there, 70% of the players are toxic and make insults that are very disrespectful (Trust me, you don’t wanna know) and basically don’t care what other people say :l

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Welcome to kindergarten.