Inflation 🧛

I believe that the inflation is now going out of hands. Items inflated 120% in only one month.
I do understand why this happened (duplcated bytecoins).
But devs must do something to put a stop on it.

What could be done?
I can see that there are some people who are willing to design items with every sprite, so maybe those items could be added to Bytecoin Store.

Putting confiscated items with limited stocks instead of limited time on Bytecoin Store would also be pretty good, whenever a limited item gets confiscated, it entirely removes the item from the economy which is increasing the value of it and decreasing the value of Bytecoins. So adding those items would definetly decrease a lot of pures from the economy.

Blind auctionating rare confiscated worlds.

Selling unlimited items more often on bytecoin store (example: epwr stone, butterfly pet/wing)

I’d give many more options, but they would be pretty hard to do for now since there aren’t enough devs yet.

Please consider these suggestions @Siskea


You have a direct line to Siskea because your account has Influencer status. No point in posting this here where it falls on deaf ears.

I wanted to see how people would react on these suggestions, thats why I posted it here.

+I believe I shouldn’t use my status for game suggestions, I’m no different than normal player.

Who has 100 million bc :rofl:

I mean normal players can have that too :face_with_monocle:

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ah yea an average player has 100 million bc

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It’s like one of those old people that thinks people of my color are still segregated

Huh? Your going off the rails neo-

With money, yes…and if something bad happens and inflation gets worse, for most people yes

No there is no need for developers to get involved in the economy. Inflation is normal, in games and in real life. The community decides the prices, if someone sells item X for 5 gazillion BC and someone is willing to buy it for that price, I don’t see any problem.

The amount of profit you can make from Nether/Mining/Fishing is pretty much stable, and when the items inflate, it is being harder for new players to get items, so I believe developers should do something to make the game more enjoyable for the new players.