Im a small pixel worlds content maker with 19 subs right now on YouTube. is it possible to become influencer just by being a positive content creator or do i need to follow the twitch requirments and be verified on social media? i post content more than once a month too.

You need to meet the requirements , 10k sub on yt or 2k view per video


  • How long have you started YouTube? And how experienced are you in a scale of 1 - 10?
  • What differentiates your content to other contents made by other people?

The First Question is asked to see how long you have started your channel and also how experienced are you in doing so,

The Second Question is to see how different is your content compared to others, since some content topics tend to be boring overtime (Like opening boosters)

I think the most important question is the second, since to meet the requirments of

2.000 average views, you simply need to make interesting content. Also can you give me your channel link?

  1. 4 years ago im pretty experienced, a bonus to the answer is i started pixel worlds 3 years ago.
  2. i used to make a troll series, i may post skit videos from time to time, i give updates on pixel worlds content, talk about events, give hints to what i may do next on content, etc.

Can you give me your channel link? I’m pretty curious

sure but i only made 1 episode of troll series but i gave up, i may come back to it sometime soon but ill give my yt link.

just get 10k subs or 2k veiws average on your videos.

To get more views, you’re channel needs to be organized and attractive

  1. Make video thumbnails
  2. Make your channel profile picture and banner the representative of your channel

also videos made by PW content creators sometimes have a very boring tone, say putting a very loud music in comparison to the actual content, or not cutting parts out

Omg omg you got 1 view on a video cmon bro if you want to be an influencer put more work into this :confused:

i never really made thumbnails before, i can try making a banner though

should i use PicsArt and kinemaster?

Ugh, hate to break it to you but

If you have been doing youtube videos for 4 YEARS and you are still using your mobile phone and you still have no music and no editing what so ever then you can’t really call yourself experienced.

Also you have less than a platinum lock and you say you have played for longer than 3 years.
Seems sus mate

Euh? Can you give me your channel link? I have a doubt that you have joined YouTube since 4 years ago but actually started right now