INSANE FISHING BUFF ! | Pixel Worlds Highlights


As usual nice video. Thanks for summarizing the important parts of the video for us


PW in a nutshell
Nether --> Fishing --> Mining --> Fishing

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what that thumbnail tho :o

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A crab is worth 32x more gems than a herring! Damn that’s A LOT!

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cool an vip npc! it will be the best (this is the future game)
crab are better than puffer fish damn!
wew mrcoffeeplay jet (how to get it tho)
dont be st patrick but change to the best future update :joy:
i doesnt see st patrick before cause i join at summer
did the npc use a paper to talk??? (lol)


i have a feeling it will be 32 times harder to get tho

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where is get a crab?

it will come in the next update btw im
answering all your questions :rofl:

Thanks once again for the the Stream Highlights. Unfortunately I couldn’t watch it completely. :sweat_smile:

I wonder how hard it will be to obtain crab as it seems to be quite OP.

fishing : gets buff

nether who actually needs one : am i a joke to you ?

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Well… I’m glad my first language translations are coming into the game. :smile:

This will definitely help me a bit when it comes to explaining things to some spanish-speakers who often ask me.

I want to see how good this translations are, so I’ll be looking for possible grammar or vocabulary mistakes. :sweat_smile: