Interest Rate | BC Time Deposit

I would like a feature to deposit BC into a BC savings bank with a 2% interest rate per month. This will keep players motivated to come back to the game to check their invested money. Also, to help players save their money from inflation.

A time deposit is an interest-bearing bank account that has a pre-set date of maturity. A certificate of deposit (CD) is the best-known example. The money must remain in the account for the fixed term in order to earn the stated interest rate. Time deposits generally pay a slightly higher rate of interest than a regular savings account. The longer the time to maturity, the higher the interest payment will be.

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Althought at first it sounds like it could be a good idea, people could put 20 million bytes there and earn 400,000 bytes a month in interest, the equivalent to 16PL a month and almost 200PL a year, which is just crazy. It would be really unfair on everyone if someone can earn their net worth in 1 month.


If this were to be a feature I think it should work like invetsments in real life, or rich people would just put most of their bc into it and just earn more money from it
I know it wouldn’t be much but still. And the whole idea of the tax was that bc would be taken out of the economy to keep it stable

I’m not too educated on the economy side of things though and this is just my oppinion.

Maybe they can add a cap of 1k - 5k with lesser percentages, maybe 0.5% interest rate per month

I wish I was that man/woman with unrealistically 80.000 Platinum Locks. I picked 2% as an ideal number as the richest who has 800PL will only get 1wl+/day from the bank.

More like a bank system in my opinion. People can only withdraw their funds only after the term ends. A customer will deposit or invest in one of these accounts, agreeing not to withdraw their funds for a fixed period in return for a higher rate of interest paid on the account.

So, the rich will not deposit all their funds because they can only take their money after a certain time.

“Time Deposit” is different, they can’t withdraw their money whenever they want.

This would be good. But I feel this is too small to be interesting

This suggestion already exists, it’s called PWE trading
You play your cards right, and it’s just passive income at that point.

Most any person has is around 2.5 million bc

50k bc a month interest 600k yearly( players with 2.5million bc would probably end up earning 1 million plus bc in a year)

Players with that amount of pl would earn way more just keeping their bc to profit

I think it should be weighted

So your way to combat inflation is pumping more ByteCoins into the economy, increasing the inflation?

This could easily exploited by putting your ByteCoins into a lot of alt accounts, that way you could get the best interest rate, no matter how many millions of ByteCoins you own.
To prevent that exploit, you would also need to put provisions on trading ByteCoins from player to player and you know how people already reacted to the PWE “tax”.


I think this would be good, but as Gargoyle said this could easily be exploited. Actually, every bank gives a higher return if you deposit more money. For example, in your illustration, 0-1k will only earn 1% but people with 1m+ will earn a 10% return on their deposit.

It’s like trading in stock market. I agree.

I picked 2% as an ideal number as I have calculated the risk. 2% is very small if you really think of it, you’ll lose that money quickly by PWE provision, trading, etc. Inflation is already happening and we need a feature that can save the value of our money.

Please think of it as a bank system, or stock market, or whatever.

I have also calculated the age of normal players, usually players will stick around for a few years, then quit. That is why I put 2% return of investment per month instead of yearly.

This is a screenshot of the return if people were to deposit their money into “term deposit”.

But this is the screenshot if people were to deposit their money into normal deposit.
As you may see, the more money you have the more return you get.

But I picked 2% return for all players. Actually your idea is better but I think people could bypass it.

A horrible idea. You want more features to take BC out from the economy to prevent inflation. This is just a suicide for the most part. Another reason would be that this isn’t a game about idle investing. You are generally asked to work (e.g. mining, fishing, trading, etc) to be rewarded some money or items which can then be sold for money. Do this, and the rich will idle off making more money than perhaps they ever have for doing absolutely nothing.

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Let me think about that. Because you guys may be right.