Interesting news

So i heard that jake is going to take Commander k’s spot and they will be focusing on what community wants and even that jake admitted that they failed to listen to community.

Is it just a rumour or truth?

If it’s true it might get me playing again if it really goes like that.

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truth, and first thing hes doing is listening to the community for updates


That’s really amazing, can’t wait for stream recap :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Eyy nice to see them listening to us.

So Jake will become Tier 5 admin (CEO)?

He’s not becoming CEO but he’s taking over CK’s job

Then who is the CEO?

He didn’t said who

Because that is “cOnFiDeNtIaL iNfOrMaTiOn”. Since when is info about who is the CEO of a company private?

Also i just re-watched stream and it really got up my hopes on pw becoming more successful

Some guy that no one really knows, he doesn’t even play the games, just does all the boring stuff for them and is a good friend of the devs.

Please don’t turn this thread into drama, it’s off topic and unnecessary.

I don’t think it’s confidential, people redeemed glasses off alot so he missed a ton of questions.


I do not want to turn any thread into drama.

Yeah that is not private but he runs the business and we run the game. He doesn’t really have anything to do with PW and this creates us freedom to really focus on what’s important.


I knew something was sus.

Congratulations on your new position, Jake!