Is adding 🔒 To every threads an abuse?

just asking, once you get the regular badge then you can edit the titles. but is adding a padlock to dead threads ( 30 days or so ) is it an abuse of power?

This regular thing was a mistake. But I still don’t get how you even get it, I’m one of the first members and don’t have it

hmm well when you go to the users section and go to read and you press it will show the people who read the most and out of the top 15 13 of them are regulars most have read around 1k plus you have read only 200 maybe thats a factor im not sure

i think you have to have an amount of everything to be a regular if you have lots of read time but you dont reply or only get likes but dont give you might not be a regular

Yeah it’s annoying. Don’t edit people’s titles for no reason. Leave that to the moderators or the owner of the topic.

Marking what’s “dead” and what’s not is pointless.
Idk why regulars can edit titles, however being able to move catagories is nice.

I have already seen some people acting like moderators with customer support template messages "No Problem sir, I have moved your thread from catagory A to catagory B because you posted in the wrong neighborhood "


The requirements for regular was something like having a certain amount of visits and like and stuff.
Here’s a discourse blog post about it:

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Agreed, regular is very simple to be obtained and can be abused somehow. moving subforums is ok.

Thanks for this. I won’t be locking threads like a mini-mod :joy:

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Well, I don’t know if I would call it an abuse of power, but yeah, as Shawn said before it’s a little bit annoying. Anyways, everyone can see who is the one that edited a topic.

Personally, I have only moved a few topics to the correct sub forum, but I have never changed the title of a topic.

And we could said that giving Regulars the ability to rename topics and to change the subforums of every topic, is way too much. However, administrators can always change the abilities and privileges of every role.

Guess we gotta wait 8 months for the staff to acknowledge this because usually that’s how long it takes for them to notice issues that they think are too small to address

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It’s better not do tamper with anything, unless there’s something wrong.
Leave the titles be unless they’re inappropriate, also better not to keep on moving subforums if the thread can actually be posted in that subforum too. These are of course in my opinion. I also personally think that we have too much regulars.

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does someone also keep putting [FORUM GAME] in the titles? or is that just a thing people do now

I’m pretty sure the original poster put that in the title

idk man, they’re all made by different people. i was just wondering if it’s become a thing people do or if it’s just some random person changing titles.

Added the [FORUM GAME] and [SUGGESTION] so that I can search it immediately rather than finding it.

Just let them be…

Yea lol i even have xD

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bruh it gone :(((((((

I wouldn’t say it’s abuse, but it sure is annoying sometimes.

I know right? I know it’s good that they’re letting them know so they’ll know what to do next time, but too much “customer support template messages” would make me think that they’re basically mini-modding. No offense.

I understand adding “[FORUM GAME]” in the titles since there’s no sub-category for that, but adding “[SUGGESTION]” is unnecessary as there’s a “game suggestions” sub-category already. Posting it there would automatically mean that’s it’s a suggestion. If they didn’t post it in that sub-category, then Regular users can move it there (cmiiw).