Is anyone having issues with PW right now?

I want to make sure that it’s not just me who cannot enter the game due to unknown reasons.
Are you having issues with the game at the moment?

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Is it with logging in or just getting in the game?

Just getting in the game

Yes, for some reason my game is not opening when I use Steam to play. At this moment.
I gets stucked at the login screen.

I checked just incase if my game is up to date, and it is. So it might be an issue on the server side then.

Maybe it’s a issue with steam cause I’m on mobile I can get in game fine

Could be that as well, right

It seems that the issue has been solved for me now. I guess this thread can be locked.

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When I first tried to login I had some issues. Steam was not updating the game for some reason and I tried closing and opening Steam a few times. Then it magically fixed itself so I don’t really know what the issue was or how to help :sweat_smile:

Yes, the game is also working for me. It seems to be perfectly working right now.

I can’t log in to Steam right now, so I can’t start PW :frowning:
Anybody else has the same issue?

Now Steams seems to work but i get a login error in PW. I will wait and see what happens…

not really, but when I close Pixel Worlds then it somehow doesn’t close - I don’t see it on screen but at the dashboard or how it is called not sure, but the aplication is there and on steam there is button CLOSE if I click it nothing happens, but it only happens on steam.

This post was 20 days ago, their problem has probably been fixed already