Is borrowing items illegal?

I’m currently trying to borrow a better pickaxe than basic pickaxe (I’m a noob), if borrowing is legal then I would do this :

  1. After you finish playing, you can donate to my world
  2. After I finish playing, I can donate it back to your world

This way you don’t lose anything, and if that’s not enough i can give you 50% - 75% of my profit

Lending a item to someone is not illegal. Although if the item is scammed, nothing can really happen. As you did trade it to them in hopes, when they were done. They would trade it back. Its more of trusting the player.

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Not illegal, if you scam, then it’s.

You can both complete this borrower agreement

If you scam the item, you can be sued :smiley:


Who would sue someone over a pixel game tho :joy:

Good luck with an international lawsuit.
I’m not quite sure that many parents would agree to pay it.

Furthermore, both parties have to be over the age of 18 to form a valid contract.

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A lawsuit definitely wouldn’t get anywhere…

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Well, borrowing is not illegal, but the point is: If you choose by yourself to give it away (your own risk) and, you’ve noticed the person doesn’t return, well then you must only point to that person but it’s also your own fault. You know? Because moderators (me) I mean I would like to convo then if someone not returns the item, I would try to ask if he could return but yeahp still it’s not nice to scam… you get me… But advice from me is not to lend it away, and (when few / most ppl say ‘‘but hes my friend’’) my advice is still not lend away unless example knowing that person for years but still u can be scammed… uhm yeah, it’s your own choice. Oh but let’s say something cheap and u don’t really need it or can buy it then i would lend it if someone needs it. I also would’nt recommend to lend to ‘‘strangers’’. And the people who say ‘‘Do you trust me’’ etc.


I do not know if this is actually legally binding, as you, the player who lends another player “his item”, do not actually own the item.
From what I understand, you only get the license to “use the item” in Pixel Worlds, not own it legally.

I need this document :slight_smile:

That sounds about right. In some ways, it’s the same as purchasing a digital video game. You don’t actually own any of the content you’ve purchased, you just have a license to access the content, until that access is taken away from you.

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