Is it actually possible to get 15 gemstones?

With dark pickaxe, crown of flames, excavator moustache and the perk scent of gold it should be possible to get 15 gemstones if you are lucky enough, but is it actually possible or it’s limited?

The extra gemstone perk only applies for 1 bonus gemstone, but increases that chance. For example, assuming it gives a 5% chance to grant a bonus gemstone, each piece you have gives you a +5% chance of getting +1 gemstone (so in this case, +15% chance to get +1 gemstone from gear, since scent of gold is for bonus drops, not main drops)

Then it makes it easier to get 14 but u cannot get 15, right?

The most you can get is 13 (dark pickaxe & gear for extra gemstone)

it means that instead of 5% chance to get 13 you have 15%

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with those gears you can get 1 more than the pickaxe max

Yep. I thought it was 1-11, my bad :wink:

but doesn’t excavator moustache stack with crown of flames? or it stacks to make the chance of only 1 extra gemstone higher?

You can only ever get +1 gemstone

Why the dev game not write how much the %chance is?

In the info game i mean