Is it good thing?

I started yt but i have problem…i make videos only for my region (did i say that right?) And not english…today i started to think…why i dont make english videos!?
If you guys want…i can start making videos but now i talk/write english! (Im not very good at english= somd things what i say might be written wrong)

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I have made 4 videos but those are not in english!

Well if you do vids in English it will triple your subs so I’d recommend it

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Go for it, even if your english isn’t that strong it’s a great way to practice, and you could always include english subtitles too. (Also ignore the haters if you get any)

If you wanted to become a content creator, you must learn how to learn english since its a common language in youtube. but theres also some who dosent speak english rather than speaking their mother-tongue.

i’d suggest you to read a english to [your language] dictionary or google, or take a session. thats how i made my english less-fluent.
and if you want to gain SUBSCRIBERS, you must learn how to entertain your watchers, post anything useful, informative, paranormal or ENTERTAINING.

Good luck.