Is it me or forums has lake of members?

i just came today but i dont see that many members as on instagram and youtube, im offering a tiny help since i have 1700 followers on instagram maybe i will create a big giveaway that makes more players use it, i really love how forums works its great and seems to be way too underrated

yeah i suppose there are about 700 users but only about 200 are active and 50 very active so if you could get 100 of your followers to join it would be great but it is a nice balance if there were like 1000 active forumers it would get too chaotic

totally agree and my giveaways will never get more than 40 people to do a real action like that

I can follow, if I see your content fair and ok. I’ll be following.

I wished forums gets crowded sooner.

of course, i did never force anyone to follow even in my giveaways i ask to check my profile and follow if they like what i post, either way its Optional

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Make sure they’re above 13 years old to join! It’s against the forums’ ToS when you’re below the minimum age requirement.

oh… thats… quite hard tho if not impossible