Is it possible to make custom texture packs for PW?

Hey, just gonna stick around for maybe a few weeks then dip. Hope everyone is doing good.
Anyway is it possible to unofficially mess around with the files to change the textures just for yourself, without official modding support, since there is alot of multiplayer games that dont have modding support but you can tamper with the model and sprite files to create custom stuff.

That’s probably not allowed.

But it would be cool if the developers make official “texture packs” where it can change the design of the item. But without adding new items, changing the way items work or anything like that cuz it will break the game.

That’s possible, unless the game somehow encrypted the textures for some reason.

Probably not allowed but it won’t break the game.

If its encrypted that would suck.

Would be cool to add block called “texture block” and you can dowload textures for it from workshop