Is krampus horns a way to scam people?

i saw a guy wanting my blindfold(1.5k) and darkness clan sword(18k) for krampus horns(last 20 sales were like 130k bytes) i mean who would do that. i didnt do the trade cus i was scared

It’s scam. They swap them out for the nearly identical demon horns which are 100 byte. I caught like 3 people trying to pull this on me.

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They will switch it to a different type of horns as Wafflelord mentioned. That offer was an overpay but looks way too good to be true. Be careful around trades like these as they are shady.

thank you both @Wafflelord and @Vaikas , thankfully i acted smart and didnt accept :smiley:

Same with dd pants. Check that when you are in the confirm menu; they might switch with lords pants. Got scammed that way once. Also blonde fringe → viking sidey blonde

Excavator shirt → Chaos Armor
I almost got scammed that way once

We should just make a list of trade scams

That’s a great idea…

You do it the mods might ban mine

OK I’ll list everyone of them in a notepad file then I’ll just paste that here. By here I mean the forums.

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ahh real sad :frowning: (20 characters)

Someone tried to pull the do you want some free wings scam on me recently

I wish I had reported him and the world !

Some young kid is going to lose something precious over this…

Those who do it should get a lifetime ban . End of…

No I didn’t fall for it

In fact went back under a mates guise but was too late …

I would have liked to have scammed the scammer !! would have given the wings away had it worked

Scamming a scammer still violates the rules, regardless of your intention.