Is multithreading in programming a bad practice?

I took a long break from gamedeveloping and I have an ancient roblox project I want to continue.

What I remember I have coded there, is I made a new thread each time a method in a class is called. I need it because I have a wait() (equivalent of time.sleep() in python) there, is multithreading a bad practice?

I saw a lot of people not liking multithreading on stackoverflow, so I guess I need to fix this probably. I could probably fix that one.

However, since roblox makes each script run in another thread, how could I make more scripts without making more threads? Does unity work the same way? A new thread for each script, or is there a starting script there?

This question is probably more off-topic than pixel pub can handle, but I’m only registered in two forums, this and the roblox devforum, already asked that question there, but with more detail, still haven’t got a reply.

Roblox uses Lua which is similiar to python and C# I’m a roblox developer aswell but I don’t have as much knowledge of coding as much as I do modeling.

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I know it uses lua, I’m asking whether multithreading is a bad practice :disappointed_relieved:

I don’t think it’s a bad practice, it will make things easier yes, but it would be better to just make a entirely new script if you want pure quality, also whats the game project?

A new script runs on a separate thread tho.

I can’t tell what the game idea is; what if someone steals it? I haven’t yet finished making it.

dm me the idea maybe i could help with modeling

Ah, I can use blender, thank you.

awh, okay :frowning: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: bully

here i am still wondering why there are more Blender users than Maya users when Maya is the industry standard software. :thinking:

don’t get me wrong, i don’t hate Blender users or whatsoever but I’ve been curious ever since i started modelling late last year.

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Edit: Not only is blender free, it’s also open source, meaning anyone can adjust it’s code freely, easily and without getting into legal trouble, even when distributing it.

$1700/year… Oh my god, THAT is crazy expensive.

no wonder. i guess i’m used to using the student version of Maya thinking it was free. is Blender better compared to Maya though? if so, why aren’t companies even using Blender, especially those AAA companies like Riot Games, Epic Games etc.

Because they can afford it and think that things costing money are always 100 times better than open-source things.

??? what are you even talking about LOL

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Well 99 percent of the time the computer that costs 3000 euro will be better than the one costing 200 euro.

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Maya is probably better, and companies can afford it, individuals can’t most of the time.

Because the more expensive thing has to ALWAYS be better.

i see i see.

@Ondrashek06 idk if you know what you’re saying but okay

You sure you understand how world works?