Is my world good enough for a WOTW?

I built this collection world in 2020 but I never got to finish it, I never intended it to make it WOTW but maybe it could be? What do you think?

I haven’t finished it yet because I still haven’t figured out yet how to arrange the items. If you have any tips for improving the world please let me know.

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wats the name brother?

It looks too bland imo

I’ll be honest, no. Theres nothing there to do, having a few items in a display case isn’t worthy of being the best world of the week. I would suggest you keep that design and turn it into a parkour.

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Its vague in my opinion, but you never know if you make it famous and add in a nice design anythings possible.

honestly, no.

It reminds of an very world WOTW way back in 2017 i think, it’s name was COLORBLOCKS, it was made by Mstar.

It just looks like better version of it :stuck_out_tongue:

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Do we seriously need worlds by Moderators as WOTWs?

He wasn’t a mod at that time

And that is a good explanation. Thanks.


Jake always makes Moderator worlds WOTW’s because they’re moderators, not because their world has good design or something like that… :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

Your theories get more ridiculous day by day.

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I don’t think it is Jake who selects them as WOTWs, other admins do that. I think it’s CK because he’s a T5 admin while Jake is only T3.

Possible. However, I would start finishing the entire world and thinking about what kind of decorations would fit in. You might wanna even think about replacing those blocks with a different one but similar color.

If I had to replace those blocks, I would have to destroy all of the blocks which would be a huge waste of gems. Maybe it would be a better idea to make a new world instead. Thanks though

You do not have to destroy every single one, but replace a few with something similar. I think it would be better than using one type of block to create a line. Also, placing your items in zigzag order might look better as well thus it would mean reconstruction of the entire world would be needed probably.

Ok, I see what you mean. It’s probably easier to make another world then.