Is Sandboxie legal?

Is Sandboxie legal? This program allows you to open pw multiple times.

Not sure…
I don’t think so because you don’t use macros / hacks tools to for example flying in the blacktower.

As far as i know it’s not but you should ask a staff member as i’m not sure myself.

Yes, it is. Based on Pixel Worlds Code of Conduct & Rules, use of hack tools or any exploits will result in a permanent ban.

LINK: Game Guide | Pixel Worlds Wiki | Fandom

Well… there is that line which says

But for me, it’s not illegal to have multiples windows of the game running.
I mean, you aren’t using hacks tools that affect the game itself (allow you to move faster, infinite jump etc etc)
Just, you can launch the Steam version of the game multiple time and have multiple windows of the game running.

Wokun also made a video about that software but didn’t mentioned if this is legal or not but assuming he is a content creator, i doubt he will promote something illegal.

Ye i think the same. It’s same as i will use just other devices xd

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