Is the new easter mount limited?

So after it goes away in 14 days, does it come back next year? Or is it limited to this year only?
It is NOT limited item, it WILL come back next year.

i guess it will be come back
the bunny mechanic are kinda new item
the hairy egg too (lol)
it will be over 2pl

NO WAY I GO TO HANGAR 2 PLAYER ALREADY GOT THE EGG JET (still confused how a hour get a jet)

You can apparently purchase the store offer multiple times, so people bought it four times and made the mount.

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I believe they are fixing this due to the IAP option for that specific pack being blocked at the moment. When it comes back up I will buy it and see and follow up after.

Update: My IAP was down on my phone, however I could purchase the pack 4 times through steam… Very odd, may be another glitch that you are unable to purchase with a phone 0-o.