Is the obtaining anniversary guestbook possible?

I broke around 100 cakes and i didnt get single guestbook Is there anyone got one ?


posted this on snorlax’s thread, yes. my friend got 1 and sold it for 5wls in the world trade. the texture has yellow and red with it. idk why but i think your unlucky?

also the weirdest thing is when you search anniversary 4yo or anniversary guestbook, it wont appear in the PWE exchange.

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I broke 50 more cakes and still there is no any guestbook i would like to buy that item for 5 wl if it is in game

someone in the forums just posted he broke 70 cake for 1 cook, big rip. prob we are unlucky


I broke 3 cakes and got one so far… Bad luck mate :joy::joy::joy: