Is the world falafel rare?


for any who don’t know it is a food

I just saw this today in some shop lol. I thought it sounded familiar when I saw your topic.

Either way I wouldn’t really consider it rare. The amount you’ll get for it though will highly depend on the buyer

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extremely rare world, I actually might just faint!

Ahh nice one but there have been less rare worlds asked if they were rare

Here is one and there are many more I’m just not bored to link them

if you have to explain what it means it’s not rare

U could make falafel pixel art there :upside_down_face:

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Actaully, I would say it’s a little bit rare…? but I can’t tell at which point it’s.

wut? wht do u wnt bub.

never heard of a falafel lol

Yeah, like @bulina said, I don’t think this is anywhere near prospective from the name at least.