Is there a good trap I could make to prevent cheaters and hackers?

There’s a lot I want to say about this, but this time I’ll actually keep it shorter, since I’m sure most of you wouldn’t want to read it. My main question is, is there a way to create some sort of trap to block players from locking the world once their locks decay? Last time I tried the reflector on the bottom + spike bomb on the top strategy, it seemed like whoever locked the spot after the lock decayed probably just hacked and bypassed the trap anyway (I already tested it and you simply can’t touch the checkpoint first, you would be dying to the spike bomb). Not to mention they obviously looked up the rare world decay list which obviously makes it impossible for me to actually compete with people trying to get the spot first. So if I simply created an effective trap given this limited area, maybe there’s a way to finally world lock this world after 2 years?

(I still want to mention this, I mean, without others hacking and cheating, I would already have gotten this world a long time ago).

Here is the image of the locking area:

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how many worlds you have in total ?

More than you buddy :joy:

This is the bane of my life …

Ok even that list isnt 100% because of a player signing back in, in time.

This is the issue …

Protecting a lock following decay? - in my mind breaking or switching off an item is always doable - granted multiple accounts or players might help but I don’t see anything that cant be dealt with