Is there any way to get more views on youtube?

i have youtube channel but really hard to get subscribers can you guys help me please.
idk what category is this so change it if you can :smiley:
my youtube channel

Make the title and thumbnail intresting, advertise your channel by telling your friends or everyone about it. and make the videos great, no clickbait, valuable and worth watching.


You can advertise it through GMs

I suggest you experiment something new outside the mainstream “HOW TO GET PL FROM SOIL!” or “ROAD TO TORM WINGS FROM 1 WL” and so forth.

im not rich xD even take almost a year. im not a good buyer/seller

well i do item review (legendaries) but its a cheap legendaries lol

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Well at least you tried, reviewing items is good too!

Try planning on the next video sooner

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well i will do EPWR REVIEW soon LOL

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i changed this to community creations youtube because well its about youtube.

Not because it is about youtube it should be posted here since what he posted can’t really be considered part of community creation
But it’s still fine

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Try to do something interesting and creative
We have already seen Booster opening videos
We have already seen “Trying a new item” videos
We have already seen Update review videos
Try to bring something new to the table and you will get attention (A good example is Blackwight’s channel)