Is there chances of meeting a mod

i want to see mod or dev my dream, how you do it?
my name game - Acais

idk ive played like maybe 800 hours of pixel worlds and ive seen 4 mods and 2 devs an easy way is just to see jake on his stream 800 hours may seem like a lot but it isnt that much i have played like 1 and a half hours a day for like 2 years if you really want to see just maybe hang aroung drop games idk but when you see one theres nothing special about it there just other players there is no way to do it you just see them

highly possible to see mods and devs since they interact alot with other players.
it’s actually not that rare to see them anymore. Just keep playing and enjoy the game, then eventually you will come across them


Please don’t hang around drop games.


i was just joking lol

Be good to the community and you’ll be noticed


I found a moderator yesterday and showed acts of kindness. He befriended me :slight_smile:

Send them death threats or blackmail them into visiting your world.


Just ask them. On the discord or the forums is where I would go to contact a mod.


now uve seen one

This is clearly photoshop, hence the greenscreen. Troll :swan:

You don’t find mods…mods find you ._.


Shhh… Mods Are watching u :eye: :eye:

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thats creppy af lel…

i mean, ingame. nice set u pro

Maybe, who knows :exploding_head:

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omgggggg me excitted my heart fast beeping

OMG real turtle !!!

probally if want to meet endlesS i saw him when i was doing jetraces (4 times)