Is this a bug or feature?

Hi , so recently i was fishing and lost alot of lure . I am just fishing and keep getting message lure lost . I also use fishing amulet so that shouldnt happen. Is there any fix in this kinda situation?

Try this

• reinstalling the game
• fishing with a different account
• using different worlds
• using different devices
• checking your internet connection

If none worked, email support at

Don’t forget to hit the griddy for luck

Thanks ill try that and see if it helps me

Sorry I get pretty hungry down here. Stop waving your bait in my face and I’ll stop stealing it.


Lure lost happens only when you pull while no strike is happening.
Fishing Amulet prevents lure stolen, which happens when you lose the lure after pulling during a strike.


Show me your gear too plis :grimacing:

Use “Extend Strike Duration” Gears.

This ‘bug’ may either be occured when fishing with low internet connection or something else.