Is this a good looking set?

hmm rate 1-10 of my set

rate 1-10
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No offense but i suggest hair? and remove the hat.

this was monster set bruh
i wear this set like over 14 days ago

Sorry, I’m gonna vote 3/10. I don’t think it doesn’t fit well.

ye i should add smth

Try coping my set (except ox mask) use thor helm.

hmm i will try to make dark clan set (rip coins cause i need more oof)

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Please zoom out even more next time

It’s too messy sets should have maybe 3 or 4 colours not every color

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The visor and spaxe seems out of theme. If you’re going for an all dark theme, then try Dark Clan Visor. Although, do try PW Tools if you’re unsure.

i tried download pw tools but i can’t launch it

I voted 6 out of 10 since I don’t like expensive set, its just too overrated.