Is this fact?!

I just started playing this game again and some people says: in next update world locks will be untradealble… is it true??? And yeah i had break from the game :DDD

it might become untradeable but its not 100% confirmed

Ok, thanks for telling

No, bc is untrade >:)

Do you enjoy acting like an idiot?

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How about we make world locks and bytes untradeable remove PWE and we all start using snails as the main currency


Super Efective! [Fising] Fainted!



This made me cringe twice as much rather when Celics actually did a fine reference.


The moai statue is already a currency in-game
You’re in the wrong game fool!

Well it is lol its is cringe.

Fising ignores how cringe he is.

Im the cringiest person alive infact i own my guiness certificate

Its real not an edit

Lol gg Fising (20 Characters)