Is this legal?

Someone trying to sell their actual account … !

What even is that payment ?

@RetNos can you confirm, I’ll report the world if it’s not allowed cos I really don’t like this

No I don’t need nor want to buy!

It is definitely against rules.

it counts as trading non game items I would say

you know , game rules are not something only moderators would know
retnos is having a rest from social media for now
that is super illegal but reporting the world will do minimal to none towards helping

Wow, so either they can’t be bothered or don’t care ?? What’s the point in having a report system …

I would like to to think they would ban the player …

At least a player can’t do that with a new account - No value in it !

I wondered where Retnos was. :thinking:

So who is doing his job? Seemed like the only person active in that role .

There is no policing in this game… The more players realize this the worse it will get…

If left eventually it will mean more and more ‘shut downs’

reporting a world works under certain circumstances
a world could contain thousands of profanities , malicious symbols and advertisements , as long as nobody global messages (most likely owner of that world) no actions will be taken since activity is low , do not think about global messaging to get the attention of moderators because well
if you do that you will most likely get banned

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Might not be the appropriate place to report stuff like this but, take a screenshot of the world and world name and then report it on the discord chat “Halloween-Reports” or something like that, forgot the name

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are you trying to get this poor person banned ?
if there is a channel named “halloween reports” then it has to be related to theblacktower hackers
if @ducatis posts any random report in there he will most likely get banned for being “off-topic”

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Guys i reported the world earlier today in the normal way

I also thought Halloween was not relevant …

Thanks for the replies

Look banter is one thing but really?

I have 20+ sets on mannequins, that’s before we even start on what’s in displays and or safes/chests

You’re the goofiest, most resentful, and immature person I’ve ever talked to online :skull:

idk thats kinda sus :confused: