Is this relatable?

Idk if this is relatabe or not but have you ever felt that one weird but satisfying feeling? It usally happens when you look at the mountains, watch the rain, look at the sunset or you are in the bed listening to chill music.

There is this genre called Shoegaze, which is basically dark and slower indie rock. I love indie rock and shoegaze just changed rock for me. It’s like grunge indie rock. I love it so much.

Back to the feeling, it feel like depression but in a weird way. You think about life, people around you and just the world around you just stops for a moment and you become happy.

It’s 5 am rn as i’m typing this so i just got really deep and emotional.

Thank You for reading.


ahh yes, my depression definitely feels like happiness…


the first thing i thought of when reading shoegaze

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