Is this rift portal?

is this rift? people help me

probably rift , but in my opinion it looks like blue particle haha

its rift it keep like that for 5 minute and owner gone it dissapear

the rift doesn’t pop up cause its stuck on a block rip
‘‘rift is harder to get than legendary’’

No, that’s summoning effect

wdym? it just like that for 5 minute btw
and no one summon people
i ask owner if he summon ppls or not he said no weird
very weird

Not a rift portal - rift portals can’t spawn in solid blocks

ye but can you tell me what i sthis?
it like that for minutes

i will post the video soon

Bugged vfx - always keep in mind that every update will cause some features of the game get bugged.

so it bug? i should change subforum it if bug

rift portal is only in ade
i think atleast

yea i made video bout it (release soon)
devs need to fix i think >o>

i not making video about that just for the first 15 second
so everyone knows
i making race parkour video on gamsofpw

Well… that looks way too small to be a rift portal. As BlackWight said before, that’s the summoning effect.

you late i alr knew it or it was a glitch/bug from new update

Well there’s a rift portal in ade, But they can spawn in worlds. They have a very low chance to though.

i got an video but it spawn before the summon sound come he just summon 1 player too
it also my challenge video

from the video I can tell that it’s clearly the summon animation that is glitched

Looks to be that way, kinda interesting.