Is this the real price?

idk i want to buy quickdraw blades but… the price why 7bc? it has to be like 10-15k bc
take a look:

Pwe value isn’t reliable. That’s obviously someone with 2 accounts purposely lowering the value.


No, that’s not the real price. Some people tend to that in order to make people think that the item price dropped, when it haven’t.

However, 7 Byte Coins for the Quickdraw Blades of Nether, it’s just a ridiculous price, knowing how hard it is to get it.

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No, probably another player doing that to manipulate the present currency. pretty brainwashed player of him/her doing that. It won’t work.

so? real price what? idk its like 3-5pl cause its so guud

its 11pl right? im pretty sure its 11pl