Is this Video eligible for Showcase?

Not quite sure what the rules are for showcasing videos in-game. I have this video here, that I semi-swear in. But i’d say it’s censored. Would this be something that could be eligible for showcasing? And do you submit videos or how does Pixel Worlds choose what videos are showcased?


Gotta say your videos are one of the few that have good quality. It will be good for showcasing. Just post it on youtube and wait. Idk who does but someone will see your video and if it is good enough, it will be featured :wink:

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You’re too kind, I may just cry…

SIKE crying is for BABIES!

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lmao xd

I’ve watched your videos pretty good mic content, short and simple facecam content, it doesnt make me cringe like when youtubers just type and put NCS music lmao

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