Is Titanium Superior Good?

I know Mining/Fishing questions have already been made, but about that, should I transition from Epic Pickaxe to Titanium Superior?

  • Yes
  • No

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If Yes, can you tell me :.

  • Why should I?
  • What is the average earning by using Titanium superior (And a couple of gears) with the lure you usually use?
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It pretty much depends on the fish you are trying to get. The speed of how much your profit in fishing always changes because of the lure and the fish. I just recently interviewed a user of titanium rod. He fishes angler with full pro fisher set with 1 stack of green jerk. He gets around 80-70 wls with that, the only problem is that it takes a while. The strike frequency of an angler and a herring is different. So, I think I can say yes and no since it is based on the fish.

DId you ask him how long to get that 70 wls from 1 stack of green jerk?

Alright, he said 2 weeeks

How much is greenjerk tho?

Green Jerk is like 50/1 (the same guy I interviewed said) and that is only around 19 wls so it is a big profit, just takes alot of time

You will get bigger fish with that rod, however it takes forever to catch a fish. I prefer the carbon fiber superior. As it can catch the bigger fish, its shorter strike time, and its cheaper. But as said before it also depends on the fish your trying to catch.

20 wls = 70 wls = 14 days
50 wls = 14 days
3.5 wls = 1 days
Not so much, but idk? But one question that is more important, how long did he fish per day (hours)

Shoot he is off now. But in my experience, I can say more than half of the day estimate

What the heck, 12 hours+ = 3.5 wls, ???
When I mine in just an hour (With alot of distractions) I can earn 3 wls in 4 mines (probs 10 minutes)

Uh wait, ill try to interview another

It really depends on your time, titanium rod + red jerk give me so many gems, I don’t really like mining because it takes your focus to the game, while fishing I can do it while I’m eating, watching youtube, or just doing basic thing in life.

Idk lol

I just like fishing because I can do it while I’m working which is really good lmao.

It really depends on what you have in budget/what you like doing.

Fishing with Bamboo Sup only is way better than Titan Sup with no gear. If you decide on fishing, be prepared to do multiple activities at once, since fishing with titan sup is REALLY boring alone.

But most of the fish you got is large which really good for saving lures.

This is like asking if a lv 100 charizard is better than a lv 1 charmander

Wdym? I was comparing Epic Pick with Titanium Superior (And gears)

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Referring to the title. You can’t compare mining to fishing and say what’s better, they’re two different things that some people prefer over the other depending on their circumstances.


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