[ISSUE] Members falsely flagging posts immediately hides it

I posted a forums suggestion post and shortly after, it was falsely flagged and removed and I got an automated message.

I think this should be looked into as it can easily be abused, and I am asking @SEAF if he can see who is giving the flags.

This subforum explicitly says, “Discussion about the game, bugs, this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.”

Restored :slight_smile: There might be some false flagging etc. as we all learn how to use the forums :wink:


Thanks, but I think most of us new members are from the old forums and are veteran knowledgeable enough to know that false flags aren’t allowed

If someone keeps false flagging, the account can be banned. Or course the next step is to start making alts, but I guess only accounts of certain level could be allowed to flag messages.