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In-game crash issue while farming and pvp

I crash sometimes when killing players in PVP, and do farming just hitting whenever I prepare materials to make strawberry blocks and the game sometimes stops. For no reason, I didn’t know this bug appeared suddenly and unexpectedly so I didn’t have time to shoot. Is there a solution to the crash in the game or maybe it’s a bug if you beat your opponent too fast and block the blocks too fast causing a sudden crash?

  • Try to exit and close the game completely.

  • Disconnect from the WiFi, that you are using - [Wait 15-60 Seconds] - And reconnect.

  • Enter the game, and try it.

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But I crashed before the update yesterday and after the update I still get crashes every time I hit blocks and player for too long This crash always appears, sometimes without my knowing it

It happens to me sometimes aswell.

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So it’s not from the device but from the game so this issue should be fixed in my opinion

did you play on cellphone?*

crash unexpected

I play on PC, on Steam.

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I remember since pet update released i started lagging in game idk is this my device problem or…?

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Is this an actual crash or just a disconnect? Do you get thrown to the desktop (with a possible error message)? Do you get sent back to title screen/main menu? Or do you get a connection icon and end up in the title screen/main menu after a while?

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I think he disconnects without the icon, because that’s what happens to me sometimes.

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Sometimes I get disconnected and sometimes got crashed while farming

I play on mobile, not on a PC or laptop like that because it’s simpler on Android.

If I have a Video, where should I send it? so every time i record the screen so this problem is resolved asap.

Its start lagging so much that its impossible to continue playng so i just have to close it and restart and it is seriously annoyng…


I’m not doing margin bugs

But this crash appears itself and disconnect . not from the bug that I found yesterday but the margin bug also causes disconnection many times, sometimes it doesn’t

damn so now its both pc and mobile?

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Has happened to me as well, so like game slowly freezes (framerate starts to drop until to 0) itself to completely frozen screen?


The same dropping of framerate happens on my tablet as well. The settings are all set to lowest (details and sounds off).
Parameters- android 6.0, cpu Cortex-A9 (quad core), ram- 2gb.
The connection to the internet is fine since I am neaby the router and the game sometimes would freeze to the point where the device would need a restart.


Yes (characters of test here)

farming wont get me crash, but when i kill people at the world PVP, id get crashed for no reason.

using pc