İtem Prices

I know the prices of all items in pixel worlds. If an item you do not know has a price, you can ask me.

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Sure, but are your prices accurate?

yes true. ask to try if you want

Can you tell me the price of Quicksand Seed

i dont know glitch and hacker items me know normal items

You literally said “I know prices of all items in Pixel Worlds”. Maybe next time you should say “I know how to check item values in PWE.”

okey man …

How much the spirit claw costs?

Snowperson pet unnamed, all of last summer event’s summer items, scary mask

spirit claw 120-130PL

Snowperson Unnamed 100WL
Scary Face Mask 20WL
Watermelon Wings 13WL
Starfish Staff 3WL
Fake Beach Belly 5WL
Artifical Sun 3WL
Waterfall Dress 2WL
Ice Cream Hat 1WL

Thank you I’m going to kill my friend now

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If you know the prices then you should own the MAG instead of MAG who made a price world and lazy to update :joy:

but mag not update mag write dark pixie 130-150 last update 3-4 month ago

What’s the price of scythe/raven wings, and is it currently rising/dropping/stable?

scythe 500WL rise
raven wings 240WL drop

will raven drop to under 220? Or will it stay at around 240ish?

raven wings not limited that’s why slowy drop its altar items

how bout the raven trees, how much r those?

i dont know raven tree prices last price 5-8wl but i know crafting raven wings profitable