Its been so long.. 😔

I missed the forums. I really did :cry:.
I was on the last forum ever since 2017 (different accounts) , and I am so happy to be back.
This new forums is so much better with the features and also the acessability.

Probably the best thing about this forum is it having no capatcha lol.


Agreed, the design is way better.


…since last I’ve seen my son lost to this monster, to the man behind the slaughter-

I mean yeah, it’s been a while, huh? Also I still have recaptcha, so that’s not gone for me.


Ikr, it’s so great to be back. Especially since the forum users were never really informed about the forums getting closed.


OMG I GET push notifications everytime someone replies to me lol
this is pretty darn cool.

except right now its pretty slow, so hopefully that will change in the future

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Yeah there’s also a lot of features that the old forums has that these don’t have, hopefully they’ll add more in the future

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Holy crap all this time you were Jasqua, now I recognize this pfp


true, I kinda miss being able to post on people’s profile “boards” or whatever they were called.


glad to see it back ngl, last time i was on this was like 2 years ago

All my homies hate the captcha…

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Yes XD You dummy

Too bad the profile pic doesn’t really work with this new circular thing hmm. Gotta find a new pfp I guess.

I still get hCaptcha sometimes when viewing it from PC, maybe not on mobile though


I have to do the captcha verification everytime i refresh the page, what u mean?

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Meanwhile there’s me who has never had to do the captcha, even on the old forums : D

Lucky, I guess. Something to do with Cloudflare afaik.

You could always find the same profile picture without the text, that way, it’d still be recognizable as you, and it wouldn’t have the text.

I never had to do the captcha either. :wink:

Since I last have seen my son
Lost to this monster
To the man behind the slaughter


Since you’ve been gone
I’ve been singing this stupid song
So I could ponder
The sanity of your mother


You’re right, but the text was the main reason I liked the picture. Also I don’t think that many people recognize me anyway, so it wouldn’t matter that much if I had a new profile picture.

Very very long. I really hope that it gets to be active again.