It's easy to get ripped off in PWE this way, right?

Well all active formers know so that’s really all that matters

That is right, the only problem to me is probably that the reply isn’t too relevant to the thread, especially when your talking about Neo, one the veteran players

So not everyone knows the point proven.

Ok… well I knew that before I said all forumers know…

I’m pretty sure most of this is not relevant such as Neo calling someone

So don’t talk to me about being irrelevant while the guy who made the post has not even made his reply relevant never mind needing to say that.

I’m allowed to comment on someone being irrelevant to the topic, just like I’m allowed to comment on you being a stan for the same guy who called me a “smart ass” for giving criticism to his thread on the same day.

You should also learn how people colloquially use the word “everyone” and not take it literally

Please this is a pixel worlds forum not an argument forum if you want to act childish then take it somewhere else pretty sure the developers did not make this website, so a kid could argue on it not being mean just being factual.

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I think, that it’s same with pickaxes, u can only sell them with full durability.

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Learn the difference between an argument, which is, ironically, currently your only purpose on this thread, and a comment on something irrelevant, what the guy above did.
The sheer hypocrisy astounds me :rofl:

How is this thread still alive? The question was answered in the first response

As I said you should stop arguing it shows how childish you are, so I don’t know why you continue, and I never said what I said was not relevant at least I wasn’t calling people

which is just childish, so I’d grow up if I was you little boy.

You really have the nerve to call people childish when you’re here labeling everyone as kids and little boys, all the while starting arguments because you take colloquial English too literally. You’re in no position to act like you’re on a moral pedestal. You clearly have more growing up to do.

If you count everyone as you then go ahead you’re telling me to grow up, yet you’re self can’t even stop arguing/debating on a forum post meant to help people not meant for arguing please next time you call someone childish please plug in your brain because it seems you’re speaking not from your mouth but from somewhere else. Stop responding and grow up.

You’ve already tried starting an argument with 3 people on one thread, in a few minutes within your 3 days of joining, ignored the fact that you consistently misinterpret colloquial English, labeling “little boys” and “kids”, telling people to “plug in their brain” all over the fact that you haven’t done your research on someone who has a history of being stubborn.

On my own thread.

Looks like we have a new toxic hypocrite developing on the forums. Keep up the ad hominem attacks. :+1:

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Ahhh I see you can’t stop replying I guess you’re one of those people who think they are always right no matter what? Or am I wrong? Clearly I’m right maybe you can’t see it, but I’m pretty sure I can and maybe some others can too? If you want to continue arguing please argue on discord with me in a voice chat if you want to prove that you clearly are correct? But first stop wasting your time. Two why are you continuing to reply to me, yet you think you’re right. Three stop acting like you are 9 years old I’ve seen kids who act more mature than you, I probably was more mature in my mothers’ womb. Five give up you’re making yourself a joke. Goodbye and stop being a 9 year old as I said if you want to continue then do it on my discord. (I know you’ll most likely reply anyway since you act like a child.)

You do realize you’re the one replying, to my thread. You’re in no position to tell me who I can and can’t reply to, and you’re just a narcissistic control freak to label people as you please, just because they reply to you being toxic on their own threads. Try to come up with actual valid points aside from

“lol u kid grow up 9 year old dummy”

And btw, saying I’m " childish" for replying to your toxicity would mean you’re also “childish” for literally every one of your replies to this thread. If you can’t acknowledge that, you’ve already lost

and just like that we go from a simple discussion to attacking the poster who’s just trying to help the community. Honest to God if you don’t like the person then block them and stop ranting like a child, please… (FYI no clue who you are, so if we’ve met don’t take it personally, but seriously just block him and be done with it)

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I’m in more of a position than you please grow up.

Alright. Let’s calm down… Huh?

Everyone… Please apologize to each other and move on from this.


We’ll all feel better once we forgive and forget.


well… just an question thread that was answered already, went to childish arguing.