It's my anniversary BABY 2: Electric Boogaloo

Heck yeah I’m a year old in-game now

Woo yeah baby that’s what I’ve been waiting for that’s what it’s all about woo

How ancient are you guys


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you may look at the true big shots here

over 545+

im not a really old player tho

how ancient are you guys LMFAO


oh damn
my account also went to 365 days this morning

well my oldest account is 1000+ days old but anyway :slightly_smiling_face:

I think my first ever account was made sometime in December 2016

my account is 1300+ days old

it’s my second account i created in pw, first one should be around 700 days or something like that.
and that’s current account im using:

Well my current account is 741 days

But I started playing pw in early October 2018, so out there is an older account out there that is 1169 days old

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