Its Rollback or normal maintance?

i think its too long for maintance , please inform me

Patience is key, brother…

I guess it’s rollback, with the rumors of duplication and it’s taking longer than the usual maintenance break time of 20 minutes.

I doubt rollback,the problem is easy to solve and they know the source to the problem

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We’ll find out anyway, soon enough.

It’s been like 2-3 hours since I last checked, and it’s still going o_O

Bruh im bored and i have no games to play rn and pw is in maintenance for 4 or maybe 5 hours aaaa

id reccommend cubic castles. its 3d growtopia basically

Bruh i download a game for this time and cuz im bored?

whats a rollback?

When the reset the server files back a few days progress will be lost

Wait, did you mean, WE START BACK??

If the decide to roll back that means any progress from the roll back time to present time will never of happened

lets say its going to be 3 days rollback
you lose your 3 days of progress and play there.
Its like a time machine for games

why not its on steam for free and it been like 5 hours. You also just said you can’t find a game so i wanted to give a suggestion.

I was acctuly playing brawl stars few mins ago

There’s no confirmation on roll back, no estimated time either. BBricks are currently fixing it

But there was nothing wrong in pw as i know

I am literally bored so much cuz of maintenance break

Atleast we have forum…