I've retired from PW

Not exactly quit, but retired. It’s actually been a while now. I occasionally fish, but even that has lessened. I can’t even be bothered to feed my pets half the time.
I can probably go into detail at another time but I feel like you guys already know why, in a game with devs who are less transparent than Mihiyo.

Also, my deteriorating memory is a small reason I am retiring as well, lol



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Dev and EndlesS are somewhat transparent on the forums, but we could really do with more transparency from people such as Jake, I’m with you on that.

Dev is the only one I can currently look up to as of now, but even he stopped replying to my DM about the support message, even though the conversation never ended, same with Jake.

I tried talking to EndlesS about different bans I had on different platforms, and even the fact that 3 of my strikes on discord could be appealed, as well as the mod abusing power, and told him I went into more detail by sending a message to support, instead he chose to be vague and clustered them all up as if they were justified because there were some “complaints” from people. He refused to give any info, yet he expects me to “change my behavior” so chances are he doesn’t know what happened, and ignored the support message.


They are transparent actually, you can see me through them :slightly_smiling_face:


Aight, see you around

I stand corrected


See you later Neo! It’s good to take a break sometimes.

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Well see ya in pickle worlds.

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I agree with you this time. Dev is really the only one who actually talks on these forums. EndlesS currently has 1 thread that he responds to actively about the origins of items, but he’s not really active outside of that.

I honestly don’t know what’s with Jake and these forums, he seems to hop on randomly to post one comment on a thread and then he vanishes again for a month or something. The only thread when he was active is that one thread, which magically turned fron discussion about polls to arguing about the old forums and getting him angry.

I really hope you get the Discord issue sorted out, as LMO does really abuse power most of the time.


I guess we all get bored of things we used to like.

I do agree that Devs should be more transparent.