Jake can send messages to players

This is awesome lol


So there is a “global announcement” system in the admin panel, it has just never been used before?

It’s probably new lol

Yoooo it’s super cool lol

mine was kinda weird


I keep seeing those numbers on images, what do they even mean? Google outputs nothing.

thats a joke , its supposed to be my ’ IP ’

Lore moment

i got the same issue


the numbers mason, what do they mean

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Just a one time thing?

If the NewPW devs do not use the global announcement feature, then yes, 1-time thing.

I never got the message though, does everyone get it?

Yes, but an IP cannot have a number higher than 255…

This feels exactly like a feature that would be added if the game was close to shutting down

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I already suggested calling NewPW “Closedverse” for a reason…

At the moment I can send only one message at a time to one person but it possible to build it a bit more to enable that to show messages for everyone. Then I would like the ability to send items via that or show the items. For example then you could send 1 day of VIP time to everyone with just a push of a button for example. Or anything basically :slight_smile:


Uu… or promote streams / videos or events that happen in instagram etc. Design contests etc.


So something like SpotPass on the 3DS where you can receive bonuses/notifications over the internet even with the games not running at the moment & the console put in sleep mode?